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Sugaree’s Bakery - Made with love

By Sandra M. Buckley

Sugaree’s Bakery - Made with love

Our desserts are made with the care and love that remind people of those holiday memories and the people who baked with love for them...

Nestled in downtown New Albany is a charming bakery, with the most delectable, made-from-scratch desserts — Sugaree’s Bakery. The establishment, however, is more than a thriving retail location savored by locals; it is also delighting customers across Mississippi and the country with its sweet treats.

What began in 1997 out of her home kitchen, Mary Jennifer Russell has grown her bakery into a successful brand, including consumer mail order and wholesale operations. “Our mail-order business ships cakes every day to homes and businesses across the country,” she said. “Our wholesale business spans all of the Deep South states.”

Sugaree’s best selling cake flavors are caramel, coconut and strawberry. And, its famous pies include chess, chocolate meringue, pecan, strawberry and sweet potato.

“We make our own pie crusts, melt granulated sugar in a tiny cast-iron skillet to cook caramel icing, make one cake at a time, make a labor-intensive traditional boiled red velvet icing — and we do it all with the most premium ingredients available,” Russell explained. “This is one of the things that sets us apart … if a technique or ingredient produces a better result for us, we believe our customers will recognize and appreciate the end result.”

The bakery has become a tourist destination in North Mississippi, so Russell recently opened an Airbnb rental above the bakery called Sugaree’s Loft. She
also hosts cooking classes, farm to table dinners and various other community-inspired events.

Sugaree’s brings a taste of home and the ease of entertaining to many customers in many places, especially during the holidays. “We provide the opportunity for anyone to share the gift of Southern hospitality!” she said.

“There is a whole generation of people who have childhood memories of really wonderful desserts, but don’t know how to make them or don’t have the time,” Russell added. “Our desserts are made with the care and love that remind people of those holiday memories and the people who baked with love for them, so that kind of nostalgia is a very comforting and wonderful thing to revisit.”

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