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BeanFruit Coffee

... is brewing up the perfect cup

By Sandra M. Buckley

BeanFruit Coffee

Paul Bonds is a coffee connoisseur. While he didn’t start out that way, as a young adult he developed a strong appreciation and passion for it and learned the art of roasting coffee beans. That led him to launch BeanFruit Coffee Company in Pearl, where his hand-selected coffees are roasted and then distributed to restaurants, coffee shops and other retailers all across Mississippi — as well as to consumers at home throughout the country.

“Prior to starting the business, I was buying coffee from reputable coffee roasters all over the U.S.,” Bonds said. “After tasting many coffees, I started roasting coffee at home. It basically started as a hobby that transitioned to a part-time business, and finally, I went full-time with it in 2012.” 

To meet customer demand, the BeanFruit facility utilizes two drum-style coffee roasters that are capable of roasting up to 1,500 pounds of coffee in one day. Another key to the company’s success has been its commitment to provide the highest quality product. To do so, Bonds, who earned a business degree from Mississippi College, works with coffee importers across the country finding sustainable, green coffees.

“We want to offer our customers the best of the best coffees,” Bonds shared. “We work to select coffees from farmers who produce their coffees using sustainable methods. These coffees are not only better for the environment, but also tend to yield better results in the cup. It’s a win-win for the farmer and the buyer.” 

BeanFruit is especially dedicated to making it easy for connoisseurs to brew up and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee at home — or to share as gifts — by offering a variety of coffees, available as whole beans or freshly ground, sampler packs and other related products online. “The majority of our online orders are from Mississippi, but we do receive quite a few orders from customers all over the U.S.” Bonds added. “We’ve shipped coffees as far as Alaska and Guam.”

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