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A fast paced and exciting tour of the world through the eyes of a federal prosecutor

A fast paced and exciting tour of the world through the eyes of a federal prosecutor

In his fifth book — “Foreign Missions of an American Prosecutor” — John Hailman recounts the adventures and misadventures he experienced during a lifetime of international travel. From Oman to Indonesia, from sandstorms and food poisoning to gangsters and at least one jealous husband, Hailman explores the cultures and court systems of faraway countries.

The international story begins in Paris as a young Hailman, a student at La Sorbonne, experiences the romance and excitement one expects from the City of Lights. Years later Hailman returns to France, to Interpol Headquarters in Lyon where he received his international law certificate from the National School for Magistrates. Traveling the world as a representative for the U.S. Justice Department, Hailman encountered criminals and conspiracies, including a plot in Ossetia, Georgia, to hijack his helicopter and kidnap him. From his time as a prosecutor are tales of three very different Islamic cultures in the colorful societies and legal systems of Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. Hailman also travels to the chaotic world of the former Soviet Union where, at the time of his visit, a new world of old countries was trying to rediscover independent pasts. He explores the tiny country of Moldova and the beautiful and picturesque Republic of Georgia, and visits Russia during the brief period democracy was flowering and the nation was experimenting with a new jury trial system.

With each new adventure in “Foreign Missions of an American Prosecutor,” John Hailman shares his passion for travel and his fascination with other cultures.

John Hailman is a retired federal prosecutor from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Oxford, Mississippi. He was an inaugural Overby Fellow in Journalism and adjunct professor of law at the University of Mississippi. He is author of four previous books, all published by University Press of Mississippi.

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