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Slugburgers: It’s what’s for dinner in Corinth

By Steven Ward

Slugburgers: It’s what’s for dinner in Corinth

First off, there’s that name.

No, slugburgers have nothing to do with worms.

If you’ve heard of slugburgers before, you might know that Corinth is the home to the tasty treat and that, every July, the town celebrates their famous grub with a festival. 

Celebrating 35 years, the 2022 Slugburger Festival will be held  in historic downtown Corinth July 7-9.

Emily Steen, brand manager for the Corinth Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, said the town celebrates the slugburger for  an obvious reason.

“You celebrate your oddities! Since we claim the slugburger  as a Corinth creation, we celebrate it,” Steen said.

Steen said the origin of the slugburger has ties to the  Great Depression.

“During the depression, meat was scarce and had to go as far as possible. Whatever protein people had — beef, chicken, pork — would be ground up and combined with extenders, such as lard, breadcrumbs, or soy flour. The mixture is made into patties and deep fried, served on a hamburger bun. The cost was a nickel, also known as a ‘slug.’ Hence, a slugburger,” Steen said.

According to the Visit Corinth website, resident John Weeks started selling burgers in a small moveable building that rolled along on bicycle wheels. To save money, he had his butchers extend his hamburger meat by grinding in potato flakes and flour. The burgers, sometimes called doughburgers, are usually served with mustard, dill pickles, and onions on a small bun.

The festival will include a carnival, a car show, food vendors, the  Miss Slugburger pageant, and the World Championship Slugburger Eating Contest.

This year the festival is featuring local craft vendors — artisans and crafters from within a 100-mile radius, Steen said.

According to the Visit Corinth website, the festival has grown so popular that Trip Advisor named it one of America’s “Wackiest Summer Events.” Slug Idol, one of the most popular festival events, sees locals compete to determine the area’s best singer.

Steen said the Slugburger Festival is always a good time  “to come home.”

“For all our transplants and wayward Corinth natives, this July weekend stands out as a tradition to come home for, whether it’s to see old friends, listen to local talent, or just get your slugburger fix.”



Where to Find Slugburgers

Thanks to their long history and enduring popularity, you’ll find slugburgers at plenty of Corinth eateries. As you plan your Corinth food itinerary, be sure to check out a few of these destinations:

•    Borroum’s Drug Store: Mississippi’s oldest operating drug store helps bring you back to the days slugburgers were first served with a throwback style.

•    Slug Burger Café: As the name implies, this restaurant is known for its slugburgers. They also serve breakfast, sandwiches, fries, and homemade desserts.

•    White Trolley Café: Grab a stool at this retro café’s counter to enjoy a delectable slugburger and other treats.


For more information about the Slugburger Festival or Corinth,  visit www. or call 662-287-8300.

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