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Today is May 9, 2021


Our history and future leaders show us the way

By Michael Callahan

Michael Callahan
Michael Callahan,
Executive Vice President/CEO
EPAs of Mississippi

Mississippi is a state bursting with rich stories of its history – some tales well known and others waiting still to be revealed.

Stories about our state’s history are some of our favorites to feature in Today in Mississippi. Readers have told us over the years that stories about our history are some of their favorites as well. Telling those stories are a tradition we intend to carry on well into the future.

This month our main feature delves into the Mississippi history of a place and a small group of people who are trying to preserve a landmark in that location.

Rodney, a tiny Jefferson County community in Southwest Electric’s territory, has been a popular tourist destination because of its reputation as a “ghost town.”

I’m not sure there’s any actual spectral presence in Rodney, but the picturesque locale is a spot with two ancient churches, houses built decades ago and a cemetery that all tell stories about the people who populated the once busy and booming Mississippi River port town.

The Rodney History and Preservation Society is a nonprofit group that is trying to restore the 200-year-old Rodney Presbyterian Church.

The group’s reasons for trying to save the church is one of the cornerstones of why history is so important to all of us.

Our February issue is also special because, for most of our electric cooperatives, we have highlighted the Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi’s 2020 Youth Leadership Class.

These future student leaders, like many of us, will never forget the year that caused different kinds of challenges and disappointments. The students were forced to cope with the cancellation of the group’s annual trip to Washington D.C. for health reasons.

The good news is the 2020 crop of youth leaders stepped up to the challenge and persevered – a strong and crucial trait in any leader. We congratulate all of our youth leaders this year and look forward to discovering how you will change the world in your future endeavors.

The Class of 2020 has convinced me of this: I can assure our members that the future looks bright and we are going to be in good hands as the years progress!

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