“Picture This” is a reader photo feature appearing in the January, April, July, and October issues of Today in Mississippi. We publish a few of the most eye-catching photos that best illustrate the given theme from among those submitted by our readers.

Please note: This is not a contest, as photos will not be judged. Photos are selected for publication based on their overall quality, relevance to the given theme, visual impact, and suitability for printing. (Dark photos usually do not print well. We look for bright photos with good contrast and sharp focus.)

Next Theme: Tree Hugging

Send us photos of a beautiful Mississippi tree. Maybe it’s a tree on your land, or one in or near your neighborhood, or at some other location in Mississippi you have visited. Maybe it’s a group of trees. Let us know the location of the tree. The photos must be high-resolution JPG files of at least 1 MB in size. Please attach the photo to your email and send it to via email.

Each entry must be accompanied by photographer’s name, address, and co-op.

Submission Deadline: November 29

Select photos will appear in the January 2024 issue.


Submit Your Photos

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Submission guidelines

  • Photos must be in sharp focus.
  • Photos must be the original work of an amateur photographer.
  • Photos may be either color or black and white.
  • Digital photos must be high-resolution JPG files of at least 1 MB in size. If emailing a phone photo, select “actual size” before sending. We cannot use compressed photo files.
  • Please do not use photo-editing software to adjust colors or tones.
  • Photos with the date stamped on the image cannot be used.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by the photographer’s name, address, and electric power association (if applicable). Include the name(s) of any recognizable people or places in the picture. Feel free to add any other details you like.

There is no limit to photo submissions. Feel free to submit additional photos as needed.

Selected photos will be available on our website and appear in the printed publication.

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