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Today is May 9, 2021

Mississippi Is...

Warm summer days,

The sun with a haze,

Honeysuckle scent in the air,

Bumble bees humming,

A soft guitar strumming,

A child without a care.

A lone rooster crowing,

An old cow lowing,

A tractor plowing the earth.

A squeaky screen door,

Kids playing on the floor,

Buttermilk churning on the hearth.

I’ve traveled afar,

By bus, plane, and car,

Making my fortune, then some,

But none of its worth,

The place of my birth,

Mississippi, I’m going home.


by Pat Ballard

A resident of Nashville, Ballard

owns a home near Quitman

and is a member of EMEPA.


What’s Mississippi to you?

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