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Today is May 9, 2021

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

Dense gray delta fog,

Hard to see,

Covers great river bog,

But always home to me.

Oh to dine on any fine dish,

When no one is the least,

The house special is catfish.

All allowed to join our feast.

Towers of longleaf pine,

Growing quickly and so high,

Covers the land that I call mine,

Evergreens touching the sky.

History lessons it behooves,

To be wary of the crooks,

Mississippi to improve,

A place of authors, poets and books.

Hounds in search of the hare,

Running in fields and thickets,

Howls fill the southern air,

And along with sounds of crickets.

Meandering around river bends,

Passing cotton bales of white,

Uncertain on how it ends,

Hopeful we do what is right.


by Keith Ball of Petal,

a member of Dixie Electric


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