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Today is May 9, 2021

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

“Let’s go.”


Thunder and Trixie dart over the doorstep.


The balmy heat of summer fades. Mornings turn crisp

with a gentle breeze. Coolness covers your skin with

an energizing tingle. Low, the sun is smiling, relaxed

with less effort of blazing the day away. The early

shine of summer’s harshness now muted.


I love the fall!


Woodland birds caw and shriek, diving and fluttering

amongst the tall pines. They swoop and challenge

the labyrinth through the timber in chase of another,

barnstorming with skill.


Not far off, a faint and slow tap.

The noise of a woodpecker whose heart isn’t

into searching for a bug for breakfast.

My dogs and I sit for a while, enjoying nature’s

wonders before I hear a scratching sound.


“It’s a bunny!”


The dogs go nuts.


A gray and white-tailed rabbit takes spirited hops

across the lawn towards the woods.

Trixie and Thunder, held back behind our

fenced patio, bellow, roar and grunt till the forest’s

undergrowth swallows the bunny’s tush.

They grow hungry and stare at me with black glossy

eyes, their hanging tongues drawing deep breaths.

Trixie tilts her head, holding my notice while Thunder

labors up to the house door and hits it with his paw.




I yield to their pleasure.


“Let’s go in and eat.”


by Jonney Scoggin, a resident of Taylorsville and a member of Southern Pine Electric


What’s Mississippi to you? What do you treasure most about life in our state?

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