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Today is May 9, 2021

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

“A Reason to Sing!”


As I gaze out my window

Watch the leaves fall to the ground,

My ears perk up with “Joyful”

As I hear the familiar sounds!

It’s the sound of the geese honking

The cows mooing in the fields,

The hummingbirds fluttering

The sights and sounds that nature yields!

I drive along the country road

Take my pups out for a ride,

We breathe in all the beauty

That Mother Nature does provide!

Flowering trees along the roadside

Bales of hay lined up so neatly,

The sounds of children playing

Their voices resound so sweetly!

When I add it all together

The true pleasures that it brings,

Each day in Mississippi

Is one reason my heart sings!


by Kathleen Busch, a resident of Poplarville and a member of Coast Electric


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