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Today is May 9, 2021

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

“Where I’m from”

I am from front porch swings, from pond

raised catfish and creek banks.

I am from the modest dwelling on the hill.

I am from clothes hanging out on the line,

from Ford truck beds, and from screen doors.

I am from the vegetable gardens,

the play forts in the woods.

I’m from family holiday gatherings

and humbleness, from the Wardens

and the Mitchells.

I’m from the bended knees

and lifted prayers.

From love never fails

and all in God’s timing.

I’m from the small things make the biggest

memories, the God on the mountain

is still God in the valley.

I’m from hard work and sacrifice.

From chicken n’ dumplings and

Mississippi mud cake.

From the long line of love.

I am from the small community, off the

beaten path in south Mississippi.


by Naomi Colson a resident of Benndale and a member of Singing River Electric


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