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Today is May 9, 2021

Mississippi Is...

Mississippi Is…

The deer showing up for breakfast as the sun rises over the cold earth so early in the morning.

The pups waking, stretching, ready to go for their early morning walk.

Bacon sizzling in the forever old cast iron as we gather eggs from our hens to fry for breakfast.

Thinking about the old Aponaug Cotton Mill where my grandmother and grandfather met some 90 years ago and where my grandmother worked as a child after my grandfather passed far too young.

How hard was it on that little girl walking that old dirt road to work and back in Kosciusko.

My Aunt Ruth’s home on the Natchez Parkway and all the history it held.

Climbing the hill on our hunting land to watch the sky look like it’s on fire as all the colors of the evening are visible from that old stand as the day comes to a close.

Where my ancestors are from, where they’ll always be and where my heart is.


by Carmen Tillman, a resident of Lucedale and a member of Singing River Electric


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