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By Michael Callahan
October 2022

But in the electric cooperative world, October is best known as National Cooperative Month.

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October is known for Halloween, college football, and (hopefully!) cooler temperatures.

But in the electric cooperative world, October is best known as National Cooperative Month.

This is the month we celebrate the benefits and values that cooperatives bring to their members and communities.

While co-ops operate in many industries and sectors of the economy, seven cooperative principles set us apart from other businesses: voluntary and open membership; democratic member control; member’s economic participation; autonomy and independence; education, training, and information; cooperation among cooperatives; and concern for community.

Electric cooperatives play a vital role in shaping the local communities they serve.

We think people prefer options and alternatives to “big box” businesses. The co-op business model is unique and rooted in our local communities. Co-ops help us build a more participatory, sustainable, and resilient economy.

The electric cooperatives of Mississippi are proud to be part of America’s cooperative network, which includes more than 47,000 cooperative businesses.

Electric co-ops here provide power for more than 810,000 members.

Mississippi’s electric co-ops make up part of more than 900 electric cooperatives, public utility districts, and public power districts serving 42 million people in 47 states.

Here are a few interesting facts about National Cooperative Month.

Minnesota was the first state to declare an official Co-op Month proclamation in 1948.

Co-op Month has been a nationally recognized celebration since 1964, when U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman, a former Minnesota governor, proclaimed October Co-op Month.

The first national Co-op Month theme, in 1964, was “Cooperatives: USDA Helps Build a Better America.”

Every October, the U.S. Department of Agriculture releases its annual Co-op Month proclamation.

Mississippi’s 25 distribution electric cooperatives are committed to ensuring each member is provided quality electric service at the least possible cost.

And in the grand cooperative spirit, we will continue to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to common goals to help ensure a brighter future for Mississippi.

We hope you enjoy the October issue!

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