June 2023

by Laila C. Stewart, a member of the U.S. Air Force, and a resident of Columbus, and a member of 4-County Electric

Mississippi sunset reflected on the water of a pond

Dear Mississippi,

 When the sun sets, and when it rises birds fly
with freedom all through the blue skies 

From fields to town, lakes to river
Hometown shops filled with love
and joy in all its little spots 

After a busy day I confide in evening walks by the lake, one mistake in just a take and it all fades away 

Calming books stores, smell of rustic pages, feeling
of the vinyl records from that store down there 

 What’s that in the sky, it’s the eagle flying high,
With the mighty BLAZERS along their side 

The famous taste of “Umi,”
To the small yet powerful aroma of the
“Up & Down Eatery” 

What people call base, I call home
All over the states and this is the most calm 

Eye opening opportunities,
From president of CAFB Torch Club,
and a Level Elite volleyball champ 

Down here you can’t miss a day without a compliment, from strangers to loved ones in our community 

I am forever thankful
To my dear state, Mississippi

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