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By Michael Callahan
March 2023

Both musicians and writers probably spring to mind first. We are, after all, the birthplace of many popular artists.

Dr. J. Kim Sessums stands by Civil War statue
Dr. J. Kim Sessums

B.B. King, Elvis Presley, and Jimmie Rodgers as well as William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, and Willie Morris are some prime examples.

But Mississippi is also home to important and talented visual artists.

For the March issue of the magazine, we visited with artist and OB-GYN physician Dr. J. Kim Sessums of Brookhaven.Yes, you read that right. Sessums is an artist and a doctor.

Sessums works full time with his OB-GYN practice and creates commission artwork for private collections and public monuments. 

Sessums has created works as diverse as the African American Soldier monument at Vicksburg National Military Park to a sculpture of Coach Johnny Vaught at Vaught Hemingway Stadium at Ole Miss.

A product of rural Mississippi — he grew up near Forest in Scott County — Sessums has a unique story about his approach to creating art.

We hope you enjoy the story.

March is an exciting time around the Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi offices.

By the time you have read this column, we have put on the annual Cooperative Leaders Workshop in Jackson for our youth.

Our electric cooperatives fund the workshop for high school juniors from all over the state.

During the workshop, we give the students an opportunity to learn, grow, and experience. We make sure the students understand the impact electric cooperatives have on their lives and communities. 

The workshop is a perfect example of one of the Seven Cooperative Principles that guide co-ops by putting the needs of our members first — Concern for Community.

In next month’s issue, I will let you know how the students did.

We hope you enjoy the March issue.

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