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April and camping fever

By Tony Kinton

April and camping fever

A sturdy tent is a joy to use. Canvas, while more expensive and heavier than nylon and other synthetics, is a wise choice for long-term use.

I always sleep best in a tent. That proclamation was the opener to a magazine article I wrote perhaps 20 years ago. And I saw the same statement leading an article in a national publication just last year. Copied, perhaps. But I don’t mind. I know the writer and have shared a great many tent camps with him; he possesses the same leanings as I. So, whether his declaration was a copy of mine or one that came to him the same as it did to me is of no consequence. The truth for many of us is concisely wrapped into those few words.

April is likely the ideal month to drag out a tent or travel trailer or RV or whatever the choice. This month traditionally offers some outstanding weather for outdoor activities, with temperatures not too hot and not too cold. Fishing, hiking and biking are abundantly opportune during April. And so is sitting quietly and listening to an early-morning bird call.

Camping in its various forms has long been practiced all across this country. Families and friends find the pastime a grand formula for leaving winter behind and celebrating the new life of spring. And tent camping, still my favorite, remains popular. It is likely the first step into this romantic pursuit of spending time close to the world outside permanent abodes. But regardless of the tools employed, enjoyment waits outside.

Sales figures nationwide indicate that RVs and travel trailers continue to grow in popularity. These units permit mobility and proximity to the outdoors, while at the same time embracing a wide array of creature comforts. A minimum of set up, fewer items to pack and unpack, living quarters handy — these and other factors add to the attractiveness of those rigs commonly known as campers.

One question likely permeates any beginning of a camping trip: Where? Unless some specific destination or enterprise is firm and limiting, the gates of direction are wide open. Mississippi alone is home to a plethora of desirable camping areas. Even though my family and I have been at this addiction for many years, we have yet to spend all the time we want visiting one specific route stretching north to south along the Tenn-Tom Waterway.

And State Parks should also be considered. There are many, and they encompass every geographic region of the Magnolia State. And don’t neglect, when visiting any camping locale, the great variety of side trips. Historic sites, gatherings of various persuasions and eating establishments. Some campground somewhere will be close to something of interest. But then the simple act of camping itself is generally of tremendous interest.

April is here. Conditions are — or will be soon — prime for being outside. Tent, RV or travel trailer — all are implements of good times. Don’t miss those potential adventures.


Tony Kinton has been an active outdoors writer for 30 years. He lives in Carthage and is a Central Electric member. Visit for more information.

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