Delta Delicious: Smoky Fall

By Martha Hall Foose

These grilled pork blade steaks and twice baked sweet potatoes are easy to prepare and easy on the wallet. Pork blade steaks are cut from the shoulder, also known as the “Boston butt.” These thin cut steaks grill-up nice and juicy and take well to a variety of seasonings. I like a simple treatment of Worcestershire sauce, granulate garlic, and paprika. I like to throw a couple of Vidalia onions drizzled in oil and sprinkled with the same seasonings on the grill as a savory side.

Sweet potato season kicks off in the early fall. To optimize sweetness and allow the skins to harden, the tubers are cured for 6 or more weeks after harvest. Using this method for baking these sweet potatoes also enhances their sweetness and yields a fluffy, silky texture. An array of spices and topping make these a hit for a variety of diners and occasions.

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