The Farmhouse Kitchen: Mother's Day

By Vicki Leach May 2023

Southern kitchens revolve around special occasions. May gives us a built-in day to honor the special women in our lives, whether they be our own moms, or someone else’s.

We’ve had a tradition in our family for decades. The small-fries in the house would participate — with the help of a step stool and a grown-up — in creating breakfast in bed for Mom on Mother’s Day, and the same for Dad on Father’s Day. My husband usually fared much better than I did because I could cook. I was the mom in our family portrait, so I suffered through burnt pancakes and yellow rubber marbles that resembled eggs only in color. But I always ate every morsel, gave thanks for their efforts, and tried to look like I enjoyed my breakfast. Each meal was memorable if not exceptional. They were proud. I was proud. Eventually, I would sneak into the kitchen and make myself a sandwich. They never knew.

They grew up. I have no idea if they remember the first thing about what they cooked on those days, but each of them are now fabulous cooks in their own right. I credit letting them get into the kitchen to make a mess, and I’d lie if I said I didn’t credit myself (and my stomach) as their most willing guinea pig.

So, here’s a jumping off place for you. A couple of easy peasy recipes that are kid friendly and possibly even spouse-proof. The Orange Bread uses canned biscuits, and, if you are insulted at the thought, a biscuit dough with a little less buttermilk will fill the bill. The Kitchen Sink Potatoes are a favorite at our house. It contains MY kitchen sink. Your sink may be different, so add or subtract to your hearts content.

And finally, in homage to one of my long ago “mamas,” Miss Mary’s Fruit Dip. Think Creamsicle in a bowl. If the tang of the Tang is a little much, back off a little. You won’t hurt my feelings. Fresh berries are coming into season. That could be a perfect match.

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