May 2023

Three executive men present a large check of $250,000 to NRECA InternationalCoBank, a cooperative bank serving the electric industry, agribusinesses, rural infrastructure providers and Farm Credit associations throughout the United States, has contributed $250,000 in support of NRECA International’s rural electrification projects in developing countries. This is the 12th consecutive year CoBank has donated to NRECA International, totaling $2.5 million in collective contributions.

NRECA International has helped more than 160 million people worldwide, improving their quality of life by providing access to safe, reliable, and affordable electricity.

This year’s donation will be used to continue the support for electrification projects in Guatemala. For over a decade, electric cooperatives across country have joined NRECA International to bring power to more than 8,000 Guatemalans – significantly brightening their futures.

When the Guatemalan project initially began in 1987, just 45% of the homes in Guatemala had electric service, with only 10% of rural areas receiving service. Today, Guatemala has electricity service for 92% of all households and businesses — however there are scattered housing clusters and small villages in the more remote, mountainous villages throughout Guatemala that still need electricity.

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