December 2022

transmission lines against sunsetPoultry farmers, state legislators, local government officials, loggers, fuel retailers, energy utilities and utility regulators were all represented at an October roundtable to discuss the impact of high energy prices on farmers and businesses. Organized by national organization, the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the purpose of the discussion was to learn about challenges in specific business sectors and to raise awareness about the linkage between high energy costs, access to energy, and energy policy at the state and federal levels.

Congressman Michael Guest led the discussion and listened to participants, like poultry farmers, who talked about how 70% energy cost increases have wiped out profits and added uncertainty to the future of their business.

“The rising cost of energy is leading to higher prices for everything — impacting families across our state as they struggle to purchase gas and groceries,” Guest said. “To combat these high costs, I am fighting for strong domestic energy policies through my work in Congress. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with the Consumer Energy Alliance, the Mississippi Energy Institute, and other experts on these issues toward our common goal of bringing down energy costs and securing our nation’s energy independence.”

Some of the discussion was around federal energy policies advanced by the current administration that have resulted in less investment and growth in American oil and gas production during the post-pandemic period.

As other places are dismantling their economies due to restrictive energy policies, Mississippi and other energy producing states should sell themselves as reliable energy states and raise awareness about the policies that result in abundant energy at a more affordable cost.

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