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By Steven Ward
June 2023

Your voice matters.

That’s the underlying idea behind a new website and initiative the state’s electric cooperatives have launched to get our members more involved in the decisions that affect your communities.

Co-ops Vote MS is the initiative, and this is the message: 

You have the POWER to 

Register. Be informed. Vote.

Elections are important for determining the future course of Mississippi.

“Not only do we want to encourage our cooperative members to vote, but we also want to help you become a better-informed voter,” said Michael Callahan, executive vice president and CEO of the Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi.

Voter dropping off their vote.

The Co-ops Vote MS website is going to make it easier for members to get informed and to participate in the democratic process.

The website features quick links to important voting information including where to register to vote, our current elected officials, what elections are occurring this year, and videos of statewide elected officials talking about the importance of voting, and what they do on a day-to-day basis.

Michael Watson is the Mississippi Secretary of State. That office has a section called the Elections Division. The division trains local election officials, runs elections in Mississippi, and collects campaign finance and lobbying reports.

Watson said registering to vote is easy.

“In the last four years we’ve registered over 200,000 Mississippians in our office, and we are really proud of that,” Watson said.

Not only do we want to encourage our cooperative members to vote, but we also want to help you become a better-informed voter.

Watson said those that need to register to vote can go to the Secretary of State’s website, download the registration form, fill it out, and deliver it to the voter’s circuit clerk office.

Watson said that, to participate in elections in Mississippi, you have to be registered at least 30 days prior to the election.

Watson said voter turnout for local and statewide elections is usually not great.

“During a presidential election, you might see 800,000 to a million voters turn out in Mississippi,” Watson said.

Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson in an interview.
Michael Callahan interviewing Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson

Watson said too many Mississippians and too many Americans gave the ultimate sacrifice for citizens to vote, and we shouldn’t take that for granted.

“Your voice matters. So, to get out, to play an important role in the process of letting your vote count and be heard is important to all of us,” Watson said. 

Callahan echoed Watson’s sentiment.

“Voting is a form of participation, and every qualified man and woman in Mississippi should not only cast their vote, but care enough to understand who they are voting for and why,” Callahan said.

And that’s why your electric cooperative has launched Co-ops Vote MS. 

Visit Co-ops Vote MS at

Mississippi voting calendar 2023

July 3 to 10, 2023 – Circuit Clerks offices will be open longer hours for Mississippians to register. (Offices closed on July 4, 2023)

July 10, 2023 – Registration deadline to vote in the August primary.

Aug. 8, 2023 – Primary Election Day for Statewide, State District, Legislative, County and County District Offices. Polls open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Oct. 2 to 9, 2023 – Circuit Clerks offices will be open longer hours for Mississippians to register. 

Oct. 9, 2023 – Deadline: Applicants who register in-person in the Circuit or Municipal Clerk’s Offices today are eligible to vote in the Nov. 7, 2023, General Election. 

Oct. 10, 2023 – All mailed voter registration applications must be postmarked by this date. 

Nov. 7, 2023 – General Election Day and Regular Special Election Day. Polls open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 


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