September 2023

by Sue Lee Lee, a resident of Indianola, and a member of Delta Electric

Light wash painting of two blues musicians.

They say Mississippi is the birthplace of the blues,
Home of Elvis Presley and blue suede shoes.
The beauty of a Delta sunrise,
The pure innocence of an infant’s eyes.

The sweet smell of the flowers in a magnolia tree,
The beautiful beaches and a Gulf breeze.
Praise the farmers for growing our food,
The tolerant teachers that teach in our schools.

Be thankful for the doctors and nurses that keep us well,
The smile of a salesperson after a great sell.
Be thankful for the fire and police
departments that serve and protect,
Whether putting our fires or sorting out wrecks.

There are a lot of great places to eat in our state,
Not hard to find a place that serves a real blue plate.
Give things to veterans for the years they serve,
From all the armed services to the National Guard Reserve.
There’s a saying, “time marches on,”
I don’t think there’s enough time to see all the
sights and sounds of this magnificent state.

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