By Tia Greene
December 2022

By Tia Greene, a resident of Columbia, and a member of 4-County Electric.

mississippi lake

A Walker hound treeing in the river bottom,
his long bawl bark telling me he’s got ‘em.

Sitting in a tree stand up in a tall White Oak,
that whitetail buck deer tipping through the slough so slow.

The pop of a jug when that blue cat takes the bait,
being out on the Tenn-Tom River at night, real late.

A plump fox squirrel sitting high up in a Pine,
flicking her tail as the cur dog tries to find her before she can hide.

Ole Tom turkey gobbling across the creek,
hiding in a brush top hoping he struts by me.

Throwing a frog across the lily pads and grass,
setting the hook on a 5-pound bass.

Being in the woods as the morning sun shines bright,
or on the riverbanks, the moon my only light.

Way out yonder with all of God’s Dixieland delights

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