July 2023

students sitting in front of a Washington D.C. monumentThe Mississippi delegation of the NRECA Electric Cooperative Tour arrived in Washington, D.C., on June 18 and came back home on June 23.

The delegation included 81 high school juniors from around the state and adult advisors from Mississippi’s electric cooperatives. 

More than 1,800 youth delegates and advisors were scheduled to attend at different times over a two-week period, from June 13 to 23. Forty-four states were represented this year, compared to 28 in 2022. 

“We are still feeling the effects of the pandemic,” said Beth Knudson, NRECA’s youth programs and training manager. “Not having our in-person program in 2020 or 2021 put a dent in our applications simply because we don’t have those recent attendees in our pipeline to promote the program at school. But we’re getting there!” 

The Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi’s Cooperative Youth Leaders program provides an opportunity for students from across the state to learn the value of electric cooperatives, grow in their leadership qualities, and experience the democratic process at the state and federal levels by visiting the Mississippi and U.S. capital cities.

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