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Today is October 24, 2021

Welcome to Today In Mississippi!

Today in Mississippi is published by the Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi for more than 465,000 members of 19 consumer-owned electric cooperatives in the state. The publication's content reflects electric cooperatives' pride in their home state and deep commitment to serving its people.

Today in Mississippi seeks to inform electric cooperative members while offering a unique mix of feature stories, columns, reader-participation features and recipes—all centered on life in Mississippi.

We hope you will spend a few minutes with us here to discover what makes Today in Mississippi one of the most popular publications in the state.

Our next ‘Picture This’ theme is: “Places of worship.” Send us photos of churches. Mississippi is filled with beautiful churches, both old and new. We want to show off our state’s gorgeous church architecture. Send us photos of old, abandoned churches or of newer, active churches. Make sure to send us the name of the church (if you know) and the location (town or city). Photos must be high-resolution JPG files of at least 1 MB in size. Each entry must be accompanied by the photographer’s name, address and co-op. 

The deadline for photo submissions is November 30, 2021. Get details here.

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